Fall 2021 Breeding Lineup

Breeding Buck

Pygora Breeder's Association # Pending

DOB: 8/27/2020

Color: Caramel  

Fleece: Type B 

Sire: Mountain Meadow Farms Angus: 19-33M

Dam: Enchanted Acres Daffodil: 16-6F

El Dorado (aka Eldo) is a sweet boy with a natural affinity for our does. Keeping them apart is the toughest job so far. They call to each other through wire fence barricaded with pallets - to prevent the accidental pregnancy - in the snow, sleet, and rain. At five months old, his fiber is growing in thick and starting to show Type B characteristics. We're very excited to see what he'll bring to our Pygora line here at Goats & Cloves as we ready our herd for breeding in fall 2021.

Breeding Does

Grumpy Goat Ginny is a sweet doe with a curious disposition. She is a solid Type B fleece with some Type A characteristics in her kid fleece.

Great Lakes Friendly (aka Professor McGonagall or Maggie) has a Type B fleece with Type C characteristics. 

Grumpy Goat Hermione has an amazingly soft, type B fleece. We typically get three shearings from Hermiome due to her thick coat. 


Northern Kentucky

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