Fall 2021 Breeding Lineup

We will breed in fall 2021 and expect kids between March-April 2022
Pending changes, kids should be ready to go to their new homes in May-June 2022

We are now taking reservations for our Spring 2022 Pygora kids. We will breed three does to MMF El Dorado and are hoping for six healthy kids. If you are interested in reserving a kid, please contact us for additional information. To be placed on our waitlist, we require a refundable $100 deposit that goes toward your final purchase price; reservations are taken in the order received. We currently do not dehorn our Pygora kids. Transportation within a 150 mile radius is available for an additional fee and veterinary certificates are required for transportation across state lines.

Breeding Buck
MMF El Dorado


Pygora Breeder's Association # Pending

DOB: 8/27/2020

Color: Caramel  

Fleece: Type B 
Sire: Mountain Meadow Farms Angus: 19-33M

Dam: Enchanted Acres Daffodil: 16-6F

El Dorado (aka Eldo) is a sweet boy with a natural affinity for our does. Keeping them apart is the toughest job so far. They call to each other through wire fence barricaded with pallets - to prevent the accidental pregnancy - in the snow, sleet, and rain. At five months old, his fiber is growing in thick and starting to show Type B characteristics. We're very excited to see what he'll bring to our Pygora line here at Goats & Cloves as we ready our herd for breeding in fall 2021.

Breeding Does


Grumpy Goat Ginny

Pygora Breeder's Association 20-24F

DOB: 3/15/2020

Color: Black

Fleece: Brown B
Sire: Gun Plains Pygoras Jet

Dam: Enchanted Acres Poke-O Moonshine

Grumpy Goat Ginny is a sweet doe with a curious disposition. Ginny's Type B fleece is incredibly soft to the touch although her kid fleece shows significant traits of Type A curl. As she matures, her fleece is becoming easier to de-hair by hand.


Grumpy Goat Hermione

Pygora Breeder's Association 20-25F

DOB: 3/20/2020

Color: Solid Black

Fleece: Brown Type B
Sire: Gun Plains Pygoras Jet

Dam: Greystone Chocolate Chip

Grumpy Goat Hermione has an amazingly soft, type B fleece. She has a loving personality and as she's warmed up to our family, has no issues nudging you ever so softly for a few more head and nose scratches. Ginny has beautiful structure with a thick coat that provides a larger yield than our other goats. Her curls have a tight structure and feel like a cloud when harvested. 


Great Lakes Friendly (aka Maggie)

Pygora Breeder's Association 15-1F

DOB: 2/22/2015

Color: Solid Black 

Fleece: Brown Type B 
Sire: Gun Plains Pygoras Caesar 

Dam: Great Lakes Pygoras Domino

Great Lakes Friendly (aka Maggie) is our herd matriarch - even when she's with the boys. She's our Professor McGonagall; keeping the kids out of trouble, stopping the boys from incessant rough play, and generally keeping things going around our pasture. Maggie has a wonderful shape, although she tends to barge her way to the grain and take more than her fair share every now and again. Her fleece is a wavy Type B, incredibly soft, with an easy separation that makes her easy to work with. 

Current Pricing

Doelings: $350

Wethers: $200

Bucklings: $400