Little Hawk Farm Pinta


Pygora Breeder's Association 21-32F

DOB: 2/19/21

Color: Brown Caramel

Fleece: Type A 

Sire: Labor of Love Pygoras Zebulun 19-29M

Dam: LHF Paisley 15-79F

Pinta is a highly excitable gal and one to never turn down a good play on the ramps, boxes, or playhouse. Once our kids were born, Pinta was the first to teach them to head butt and appropriately ninja kick off smaller platforms. Pinta's fleece is a curly Type A with a beautiful sheen that makes her fiber really stand out. Much like Nina, when Pinta wants, her locks have a graceful sashay that give the illusion of gliding through the pasture.

pinta 3.jpg