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Mountain Meadow Farms El Dorado


Pygora Breeder's Association #: 20-23M

DOB: 8/27/2020

Color: Caramel

Fleece: Type B/C

Sire: Mountain Meadow Farms Angus: 19-33M

Dam: Enchanted Acres Daffodil: 16-6F

El Dorado (aka El Do) is a sweet boy with a natural affinity for our does. Keeping them apart is the toughest job so far. They call to each other through wire fence barricaded with pallets - to prevent the accidental pregnancy - in the snow, sleet, and rain. At just under one year, El Do received champion junior buck at the Driftless Region Pygora Show, competing against bucks under twelve months. His fiber is maintaining a Type C characteristic with fine, thick fleece that's oh so soft! As of March 2022, El Dorado is a proven buck with three gorgeous progeny from GGE Hermione and GGE Ginny. 


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