Culinary Garlic - Harvest in May through July 2022

Culinary Garlic - Harvest in May through July 2022

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These garlic varieties are different from your run-of-the-mill grocery store garlic. Ours might be smaller, but they pack a punch. We carry many different varieties with different flavors and applications; please see our shop homepage for descriptions of our 2021 garlic. Our bulbs are harvested carefully - each one individually dug up then meticulously cured to ensure the best flavor and shelf life. We then trim the roots and stalks, clean the outside papers, and provide a gorgeous bulb for you to enjoy at home. Hardnecks typically store for 6-8 months in the average kitchen, but with proper care, these gems can still provide you with quality taste 10-12 months after harvest. 


Bulk and wholesale pricing available, quantity dependent; contact us for additional information


    We sell by the individual bulb, but bulk orders are available upon request.


    We do not offer returns or refunds on garlic or food items. 


    We ship anywhere within the United States. Please contact us to estimate your shipping costs based on your zip code.