Raw Pygora Fiber

Raw Pygora Fiber

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Our raw fiber is straight from the goat! We blow out their coat, then shear and place the locks directly into a storage container. Raw fiber is not washed or dehaired, but is skirted and clear of most vegetation (hay, burrs, straw). 


    Raw Pygora fiber is 3-6" long and we offer grey agouti or brown agouti colors. To ensure we can fill your order, please contact us as soon as you determine you want our raw fiber as we begin processing almost immediately after shearing in April and October each year. Our kid fiber (1st cutting) is currently not for sale, but may be in future years. Please contact us for any additional requests or information. 


    We can offer returns on raw fiber if it has not yet been processed by the recipient. Customers will pay shipping back to us and we will issue a refund for the product. We do charge a 10% handling fee for returns.


    We currently ship throughout the US and will consider international shipping if there is a demand. Please contact us for shipping quotes to your zip code. 

1 Ounce