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  • Are you certified organic through USDA?
    Yes! Our fruits and vegetables are all USDA Certified Organic. We are certified through KDA and inspected annually for compliance. Our Certificate # is 21-008-846. Our eggs, goat meat, and fiber are currently NOT certified organic and we don't intend to certify these scopes in the near future. Although these products are not certified, the land the goats and chickens graze on are certified organic and we use organic feed whenever we can. Please understand that we still follow organic guidelines for everything our farm produces, but the cost to certify these scopes as well as purchasing organic hay for winter makes this financially inaccessible to our small operation at this time.
  • Do you offer goat milk or goat milk products?
    At this time, we do not offer any goat milk or goat milk products. We currently do not have the facilities nor the funding to develop this portion of our business, but there are many goat milk businesses in our area that provide outstanding products.
  • Do you offer a CSA shares?
    Currently we do not offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We are still a very young farm without greenhouses or tunnels to extend our growing season. As we grow, we will begin to slowly offer CSA shares to a limited amount of subscribers as we can better guarantee crop success with controlled environments. We are hoping that by 2025 we will have grown enough to offer a CSA program to interested customers.
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