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Fresh & Domestic Goat Meat

We offer goat meat raised on our farm and butchered just down the road right here in Kentucky. 

We raise our goats on open pasture in the summer and locally-sourced hay and grain in the winter. 

We take great pride in our product and strive to provide quality meat to our local community. Our herd is clean and tested annually for contagious disease and dewormed as needed after fecal assessments.


Chevon vs. Goat

Goat meat typically refers to any goat that is processed prior to 18 months of age. Much like lamb, goat is a younger, more tender product than chevon. These goats will range anywhere from 60-90 pounds live weight, with a yield of 25-40 pounds meant. Goat is best processed into custom cuts for roasting, searing, and grilling.

Chevon refers to any goat processed after 18 months, which is akin to mutton. While the animal will produce a larger quantity of meat, it will be more lean and tough than younger goat. Chevon is best served as ground and stew meat for slow cooking.


Understanding Hanging Weight

Hanging weight is calculated at our USDA-inspected facility and includes the carcass weight minus the organs and head. The hanging weight can vary from 40-60% of the goat live weight. For example, a 70 pound goat may have a hanging weight between 28 and 42 pounds. Additional bones may be removed for custom cuts such as ground goat or stew meat, resulting in a final product of 25 to 38 pounds. 


We can offer Halal slaughter where the goat is bled in accordance with Halal requirements. Please specify this during your order so we can accommodate the request with the processing facility.

Pricing and Ordering

Our hanging weight is $10 per pound with a $50 deposit due at the time an order is placed. We recommend reserving a goat as far in advance as possible due to our high demand. Please provide at least two weeks notice for your goat, but please be aware our USDA facility does reach capacity quickly so we can't always guarantee a processing date within that time frame. 

Once your appointment is scheduled, we require an additional $100 deposit with the remainder due at pickup. Delivery is available within the I-275 loop and the NKY area.

Custom Cuts and Butchering Options

We have two standard cut packages available: the Family Pack and the Stew Pack.

Included with the Family Pack:

  • 2 Bone-In Leg Roast

  • 2 Bone-In Shoulder Roast

  • 8 Loin Chops: 1" thick, 2 chops per package

  • 2 rib racks

  • 4 leg shanks

  • 2-4 pounds ground goat in 1 lb packages

Included with the Stew Pack:

  • 1/4 of the carcass ground goat in 1 pound packages

  • 3/4 of the carcass process in 2" bone-in stew meat, packaged in 2 pound packages

We can offer the heart, liver, and kidneys at no additional charge. Please specify this order in advance. 

WE CANNOT OFFER: Head, blood, intestines, stomach, lungs, or goat processed with hair on its skin. We do apologize, but these are requirements set forth by our USDA processing facility. All of our male goats are castrated, so testicles are not available. 

Custom orders are available for an additional $40. Please call to complete a custom cut sheet: 859-388-4708

On the hoof (live) goats are available at $4 per pound. Please call to request additional information and availability.

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