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Now Taking Reservations for 2025

Fainting Goats


First and foremost, our herd is clean and tested through SAGE Ag labs annually. We test for CAE, CL, Johen's, and Q fever. We de-worm the herd as needed and maintain a closed herd, meaning that we only accept goats from other clean and tested herds. 

Here at Goats & Cloves, we raise two breeds of goat: the Pygora goat and the Myotonic (Fainting) goat.

Our registered Pygora goats are show quality and bred for fiber, conformation, and temperament. We maintain an annual waitlist for spring kidding; the list typically opens in the fall.

Our Myotonic goats are also known as fainting goats! We maintain a small herd of unregistered, 100% Myotonic does and breed them to our Pygora buck, El Dorado, for commercial meat goats. These are available on or off the hoof. 

Pygora Goats

Luxury Fiber. Extreme Cuddles.

Fiber Goat

The purpose of a Pygora goat is to provide a lifetime of soft fiber and endless smiles. Our Pygoras range in size from 45 to 65 pounds and are horned. They require shearing at least twice per year and typically yield about one pound of fiber per shearing. Pygoras are a handspinner's dream and are a perfect addition to any homestead.

Breeding will commence each fall and we will announce expected breeding pairs. To be placed on our wait list, please email us at We no longer require a deposit as we realize plans change over time. A $150 deposit is required upon selection of your kids with the remaining balance due at pickup. Visits to the farm are encouraged; please email or call if you'd like to meet the herd. We currently have no plans to dehorn our Pygora kids. Transportation within a 150 mile radius is available for an additional fee and veterinary certificates are required for transportation across state lines. Prior to leaving our farm, all goats will be up to date on CD/T, castration, and worming.

Current Pricing

Doelings: $450

Wethers: $250

Bucklings: $500

Myotonic Goats

Commercial Goats With A Side of Humor.

Fainting Goat

Our Myotonic/ Boer cross herd is first and foremost a meat-producing herd. During our time in the Army, we saw firsthand the sacrifice that our interpreters and informants overseas made as they helped us to secure Afghanistan and Iraq. There were many times during our deployments that the only fresh meat we had was the goat prepared by generous families who had little to give in the first place. As refugees and immigrants continue to find a new home in the United States, we aim to provide fresh goat for our community and welcome new cultures with open arms. 

We chose Myotonic goats due to their docile nature and high meat to bone ratio. Despite being a smaller goat breed, Myotonic goats have a higher meat percentage than larger goats such as Boer. When Myotonics faint, their muscles contract as a defensive mechanism which leads to faster muscle development. Our goats range from 60 to 80 pounds with 75 being the goal slaughter weight. Please contact us for specific goat cuts as we plan our slaughter 6 to 8 months out. Myotonic goats are also available on the hoof; our 2024 price is $4 per pound live weight.

2024 Available Kids and Goats

We are currently awaiting response from customers on our 2024 waitlist and will update this page with reservations as they are received. If goats are not purchased after the waitlist is complete, we will offer kids for sale to the general public. To be placed on our waitlist, please call 859-388-4708 or email Natalie at 

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