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Garlic Braid
  • Garlic braids are a traditional method of storing and displaying your garlic in a decorative manner. Braided garlic can last longer than cut garlic due to the longer stems. Properly stored out of direct sunlight and away from moisture (don't store them over your stove or coffee maker), braids can last 6-9 months. When you're ready to use a clove or a head, simply cut the bulb from the braid and use within 4 days.


    Braids are priced individually, but typically range $15-$20. 

    Garlic Braid

    • Available for pickup at the farm or the Covington Farmer's Market. Pre-order available; please contact us via email of phone and we'll have your items set aside. Items will be held at the market until 12pm unless otherwise discussed. 

    • We offer shipping on a limited basis due to rising costs. Please contact us if you'd like to order products from us online.

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