Garlic Scapes - Harvest in May - June 2022

Garlic Scapes - Harvest in May - June 2022

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Three ounces of freshly harvested garlic scapes, enough for your homemade garlic scape pesto, aioli, or butter. Available only once a year in summer months. 


Bulk and wholesale pricing available, quantity dependent; contact us for additional information

  • What Is A Garlic Scape?

    Garlic scapes are available for only a short time during the growing season. We sell them fresh amd cut straight from the plant. Scapes are sent up by the developing bulb and eventually turn into a flower. As the scape begins to curl but before the flower blooms, we harvest the scape. Only one scape is grown per bulb (as opposed to multiple cloves per bulb) and it has a mild flavor similar to that of the garlic. Use scapes to make pesto, sautee with onions into any dish, or grill them with sea salt for a delicious side. 


    We do not offer returns or refunds on food items at this time. 


    Shipping is avaialble, but please be aware that these are fresh items harvested daily in the summer months only. If you place an order and we currently don't have any available, we can put you on our wait list and ship to you when we are able to harvest. Scapes are available for local pickup or delivery within Northern Kentucky; please let us know if this works for you.