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Multiple Days


Have steep slopes on your property inaccessible to mow, bush hog, or clear? Have invasive species, poison ivy, or weeds you just don't want to deal with? Our goats absolutely love this stuff. We bring our away team of goats, all trained to an electric fence, to gobble up your landscaping problems. These goats are $15 per goat per day and will typically clear 1/4 acre in 3-5 days with 3 goats. Because we use electric fencing, it's important that the fence have a clear path through weeds and brush. Fence setup is $100 with landscaping fees at $45 per hour as requried. We have professional-grade Stihl equipment and this rarely takes over an hour to complete.


Benefits of GOATscaping

  • Totally natural! No Roundup, pesticides, or residue left on your property

  • FANTASTIC fertilizer for anything you want to plant

  • Cute goats to entertain you and your family



  • Do the goats smell? Nope! We'll bring hay, so you may smell some hay frangrance, but in no way will having goats on your property make it smell like a barnyard.

  • But goats poo, won't that smell and make my yard gross? Nope! Goats poo pellets which disintegrate easily and are incredibly healthy for soil and plants. No cow pies or dog piles!

  • Do the goats need shelter? It depends on where they're clearing, but we'll provide anything necessary!

  • What about food and water? We'll take care of both! We bring a bit of hay with us just to keep their rumen healthy and we'll bring a bucket for fresh water. We do ask for access to a spigot to fill the bucket when we check on the goats. Don't worry if they don't drink much! Goats actually recieve most of their water requirements when feasting on lush, fresh grass and weeds!

  • Does the fence hurt them? Unfortunately, yes, the fence gives them a zap. We've done all the training on our farm here, so the goats typically know not to get too close.

  • Do you need an outlet for the fence? Typically, no. Our fence runs on solar panel. But in the instances when the goats are grazing in shady, covered areas (think lots of trees) or on particularly cloudy days, we'll ask for access to a 110v outlet.

  • Is the fence dangerous to humans? The fence will zap humans and goats alike. We have warning signs that we'll hang on the fence itself to alert humans that it's electric and we ask that you keep all children away from the fence at all times.

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